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One day, Naruto caught Sasuke and Sakura making out that's why he's soooo pissed.

and forcely shouted between the two. "you guys. how could you do this to me!" and runaway from the two.

while he's walking in his way. he saw Hinata and begin to come closer to confess about his feelings to Sakura and Sasuke but suddenly Kiba came and Naruto didn't try.

until he saw the flowershop.

and Inoichi came out! "hey Naruto, come in!".

Naruto come inside, then there is Ino seating crying hard.

"Naruto, I will be on mission, and I want you to stay here with Ino since she almost get suicide after seen something".

Naruto begin to nod, "okey Ino-ichi, don't worry. I'll watch your daughter. she'll be fine".

until the night came and the rain is falling and Naruto is seating on the chair watching Ino if she'll attempt suicide again.

"Ino, what happened? why your like that in a sudden".

Ino slowly look at Naruto. "I don't know why god gives sooo cruel love to me Naruto.". Naruto wondered

"why, what's that tell me. maybe I can help?".

Ino looked at him

"I caught Sasuke and Sakura making out". and she beggin to cry.

Naruto started to shout "Bullshit!".

Ino got shocked and look at Naruto.

"me too! I see them. come on Ino be strong. dont lose hope about Sakura".

Ino stared at Naruto,

"we will revenge. steal Sasuke to Sakura and I'll steal Sakura to Sasuke, isn't that a nice revenge". and Naruto begin to smile.

but while Naruto is talking. Ino started breathing deeply.

"I have a good idea on revenging them". Naruto got curious amd stop laughing.

"then what's that? tell me". Naruto asked.

Ino slowly go inside her room and call Naruto.

"Naruto come here". Naruto followed.

until when Naruto gets inside Ino's room. it was dim until Ino turned on the light and locked the door rushly and Suddenly, Ino come closer to Naruto.

Naruto got shocked,

Ino hold her hands around his neck, and their face was so close.

suddenly Ino whispered the words

"what if we revenge with them having a sex with both of us body and soul" .

suddenly Naruto answered "nice idea Ino". and smiled devily.

until they begin,

until they Sends sparks all throughout their body like their bodies bareley touching Close enough to feel each others body heat.

"you know Ino, when I first saw you! you seem kinda interesting but I can't since your always hating me. and it makes me think your more worst tsunadere than Sakura but now, I figure it out that I was wrong".

and Naruto kissed Ino in the lips and Ino response too.

until Ino lay down in bed with her shirt and underwear and Naruto starts to kiss her softly Getting in mood.

He starts kissing her down her neck.

He puts his hands up in Ino's shirt. Tracing his finger around her stomach.

as Ino watch him sit up,

then Naruto takes off his shirt, Ino say's slowly "Naruto! your more sexier than Sasuke-kun" ino's blushing. then Ino started to take off her shirts too and Naruto says "Sakura, is more sexier than you". Ino got angry and hit Naruto's head. "sorry! sorry, I'm just joking Ino". Naruto says laughing.

until they continue and Naruto takes his warm fingers to help, and hardly kisses Ino's neck And then unhooks Ino's bra.

Ino lean up and Kiss him too and Put her hands on his back And pull his body on top of her.

"wow! Ino, it seems you know a lot of stuff like this".

Ino hit Naruto and shout "would you shut up! can't you see were having sex then you still keep on talking!".

until Naruto just follow what Ino say's and just continue it. until it came to it that the The comfort of his weight on top of Ino Makes Ino's heart race and speed up.

Ino started rubbing her hands all over Naruto's hot body started to bite his neck While sucking on her. Sending shivers down her spine.

Naruto takes his hands slowly And follow the curve of Ino's body and he slowly slide off her underwear. Ino put her hand on top of Naruto Placing it on her warm wet pussy. Naruto start to rub her clit Makin her moan soft. "uuuhhh, mmm.. Naa..ruto".

he stick one of his fingers in And then two Movin it in and out Makin Ino wetter.

Ino puts her hand, On Naruto's throbbing dick And stroke it for a good minute.

They kiss each other And Naruto place his dick on her sensitive clit Teasing her "Let's see if you'll give up with me", makin Ino moan until she eventually moan out louder. "AAaaaahhh, okey! that's a deal, aaaahhh, uuuhhhh. fuck!". And Naruto continue rubbing it on Ino's clit And then. until Ino feel incredible wierd and finally put it in Going slow Makin sure he make her feel every inch of that big Naruto's dick.

then suddenly Naruto start to speed up. Both of them getting hot. Ino start to dig her nails on his back And Naruto start thrusting his dick in Makin Ino scream louder.

Ino grab Naruto's back tighter. and she can hear the sound of his dick Smack against her soaked pussy.."aaahh,, mmmm! faster!" Naruto go faster And Ino started to cry out in pleasure until Naruto pull his dick out And Ino flip him over.

"giving up?". Naruto asked.

"I feel like lovin you more than Sasuke". and she start kissing Naruto hard and Naruto response through that kiss until Ino started to sit up on that wet dick again. and Naruto started to breath harder. "fuck! I thought you give up already Ino???".

Ino place Naruto's hands on her hips smiling and Naruto start to move it back and forth again. Naruto control how fast she go until Naruto starts to moan softly "damn Ino, aaahhhh, you fucked me more than Sakura". until Ino started to bounce, fucking his dick so fast. and they started to moan sooo louder at the middle of the night. that can even hear even outside the flower shop. Ino still hyperly bounces through Naruto's dick hittin the back of her pussy until she cum. Naruto can feel it rush down his hard dick then He picks her up And Ino wrap her legs around him. Naruto feels like giving up but he won't as for what Shikamaru advise about men are dogs thing about Temari. but Ino still start fucking and biting his neck. Naruto starts to fuck Ino again, Makin sure Ino get all his dick again. Both of them breathing hard, And moanin out very loud. "aaahhh....... mmooorreee! FUCK! aaahhh uuuuuhhh!". Ino dig her nails deep into his back again and Kiss him And then they start makin out. until they furiousy fuck faster And they bite each neck again, Naruto Makin cry out and go even faster Pounding Ino's pussy. "shittt!! I won't lose to you! and I love you more now than Sakura". Making Ino's squirt all over his dick, he go faster and faster And his cum shoots up in her Makin them both moan sooo loud furiously. "Naruto fuck me haaarrrdd!!! think how Sasuke and Sakura betray us". Filling her pussy up with his warm cum. they stay in that position. Naruto's dick still inside Ino, Then he picks Ino up again right through his arms And lays her down in the bed until He gets in again and wraps his arms around her until they fall asleep.

the other day around. Ino gets pregnant and their revenge was successful.

Sakura and Sasuke regrets for losing them,

NARUINO LEMON explicit fanfic by edaofblacklagoon

/ / / / / ©2010-2016 edaofblacklagoon
Mature Content
my friend made it for me, this is re-upload.. at first uploaded. she get angry, but now, she said it's fine that I will post her fanfic.

WARNING: CONTAINS SEXUALITY CONTENT! ages 18 below is prohibited
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sonicthehedgehog52 Featured By Owner May 17, 2013 comment CUTE THOUGH :D
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